applied mathematics & software development group

Ceník / Price-list

After-sale services price-list
A. After sale service of hardware
A1.Periodic care in cycle of 4 weeks5% 
A2.Repair cycle 2 days11% 
A3.Repair cycle 1 day18% 
A4.Repair cycle 4 hours33% 
B. After sale support of software
B1.Ordinary support, minor changes, interfaces tuning18% 
B2.Intensive technical support including changes outside the original project scope. Hot-line.33% 
B3.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Basic class. Repair cycle 48 hours Mon-Fri. Version actualization every year.18% 
B4.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Economy class. Repair cycle 48 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every six months.24% 
B5.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Silver class. Repair cycle 24 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every three months.32% 
B6.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Gold class. Repair cycle 4 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every three months. Hot-line available.36% 
B7.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Diamond class. Repair cycle 4 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization whenever available. Hot-line available.39% 
C. Administration 
C1.LAN Novell - obsoleted
C2.LAN WNT - obsoleted
C3.LAN Unix/Novell/WNT in cycle of 1 week18,000 
C4.LAN Unix/Novell/WNT 24h/24h support, dhcp, dns, firewall, e-mail, www, ...62,000 
D. Special ready-to use spare server
D1.Hot spare server available30%7,500
D2.Automated active back-up in LAN/WAN (includes software and a dedicated server, upto 20GB synchronized data volume understood)4,000
E. Communication Unix-based server
E1.Server + special server / services includes server, 24h / 24h operability, bridge to Novell LAN, bridge to Unix LAN, programmed backup and remote services through modem.38,000
E2.Intranet server (E1 + web site) full functionality78,000
Software development price-list
DOS+Windows - obsoleted
Windows95,98+tuning, internet access tuning1,250 
Windows NT full server setup+tuning48,000 
Unix on PC platform (Linux,SCO,UnixWare,ATT,...) tuning,configuration and test98,000 
Web site configuration thru specifications98,000 
IRIX server installation and tuning224,000 
Novell server,configuration and test48,000 
Interbase installation, tuning and test12,000 
ORACLE installation, tuning and test244,000 
SB.Technical assistance/task/hour
Debugging and installation on site98,0004,350
General technical assistance,rev.engineering88,0008,350
Unix configuring, accounts, tuning, ip addressing schema, dns, dhcp, e-mail, ...28,0001,800
SD.Programming through user specifications/task/hour
Extension of functionality within valid support contracts01,950
New ad-hoc projects without recent support contracts98,0004,800
Prescription, economy in hospitals18,2002,950
Statistics in microbiology and epidemilogy28,2003,450
Complexity theory in bacteriology and virology28,2004,950
Health insurance28,2002,950
JLABS proprietary products78,2003,350
Analysis in general85,0005,500
Applied cryptoanalysis155,0009,800
Communication protocols85,0007,700
Complexity-theory applications355,0009,800
Databases performance tuning55,0009,550
Financial and banking software240,0009,200
Mathematical methods, analytical solutions of equations355,0009,100
Internet and Intranet based technologies63,0002,550
Internet sites design33,0004,550
Programming technology140,0009,700
Real-time control250,0007,750
SF.Debugging of third party supplied software/task/hour
Using sources in C,Pascal,C++,Fortran,Asm, Perl,Java,embedded SQL250,0004,800
With incomplete sources250,0006,800
Tuning of system parameters52,0002,350
Unix, special software5,0001,300
Internet technology5,0001,300
JLabs proprietary software inside JLabs HQ1,3501,350
JLabs proprietary software outside JLabs HQ3,350 + travel1,650
SI.Internet - see actual REGIONET price list
Proprietary products price-list
Many of the proprietary products were obsoleted due to massive switch to Linux. The support, however, is guarnteed at least 10 years after the corresponding date of purchase.
Most of Novell and WNT related items are no more offered.
In case of outsourcing our products are distributed with unlimited access licence provided their server part is installed on only one server simultaneously.
Migration from one server to another is freely allowed.