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List of current projects

Automated control of congenital hypothyreosis screening center for Czech Republic. The system manages some 100,000 blood drops automated analysis during identification of dangerous diseases of newly born children. The system controls the equipment as well as all related paper-work and is fully operational since 1990. Installed in Slovakia (Banska Bystrica) as well.

Complete control system of Pension Funds. The system manages the biggest pension fund in Czech republic - the Podnikatelsky Penzijni Fond. It runs all the agenda related to about 300,000 clients of this social-insurance company. The system is self-contained and implemented totally using JanigaLABS own tools and basic software. Operational under Silicon Graphics / IRIX platform as well as under Intel / SCO. Since 1995 installed in several other funds across Czech republic.

Advanced system for microbiology. This is a unique system developed as a joined venture with the most modern hospital in Prague - NsP Na Homolce. The system differs from other similar systems by its deep knowledge base implemented, ergonomic tricks and automated deduction of results. It combines data management, ergonomic programming as well as formal logic on rather cheap hardware configuration.

DISP-ODR - an automated control system for radio and TV signal distribution. Complex system combining on-line control with long term analysis. Actually running in regional centres as well as in Prague. The system is responsible for supervision of all communication lines in Czech republic. Actually a new version running under Silicon Graphics / IRIX platform is in development.

AES - an experimental system for dispatching of radio, telephone and TV network tasks. Developed through several years and made operational since 1993.

Modernization of DCOMP and other D-family tools for SIEMENS R and M series. Old fashioned tools were turned to newer ones either from scrap or using fragments of old sources.

VD-system - development environments for programming in C under Unix and DOS. Sophisticated system eliminating differences between DOS and Unix enabling cheap programming under DOS to substitute the much more expensive programming under Unix.

Automated database and expert system of soil contamination. Developed in cooperation with the University of Agriculture as a long term project. Unique system collecting, identifying and using data concerning soil quality, contamination. Planed to predict potential health risks in agriculture exercised in polluted regions. Handles extremely large quantities of unstructured or variable in nature data.

ArcBIS a complete banking system - developed for R.S.C. company as customer defined complete control system of banking operations. Operational in Velkomoravska Bank.

Automated fenotypes identification in large scale microbiology data collections. Project started again in cooperation with the Prague most modern hospital responding to complicated tasks of identification and deduction of potentially dangerous varieties of microbes.

Automated system for neuro-surgery. Developed for hospital Na Homolce. Covers general byrocratic tools, specialized tools for everyday maintenance of patient data. Special configurable tools for results evaluation of tumors, aneurysms and other classes of diagnosis.

General WWW interface for data presentation in hospital and medical environments. Developed for hospital Na Homolce.

Expert system for antibiotic dosing. Developed for hospital Na Homolce.

Structural and event-handling system. Developed for CRA (Czech Radiocommunications) to handle about 150,000 technological events a month in about 10,000 hardware components across all Czech Republic.

Current activities in Internet and Intranet

Actually the group operates in the Internet environments in several fields. It owns and operates REGIONET Internet provider in Kladno, Czech Republic. Here it offers standard services including various non-trivial connectivity tasks for LANs and even disributed LANs across the country.

The main goal in the Internet activity lies in the overall support of customers and in development of specific applications. Actualy these are expert systems in various knowlege domains (anti-biotical, ...), reservation systems and high performance information exchange tasks.

The group is not concerned in detailed Internet providing. Instead it offers expertises in Internet and Internet-like applications for virtually any environment. The main line is Intranet applications in medium and large-scale projects. The most prefered knowlege domain is the medical one.

The prefered platform was defined to be HP (wherever hardware is not installed yet). Nonetheless applications in other Unix or NT environments are supported, too.

Another activity is WWW servers maintenance including full support of WWW pages (scanning, video and audio etc.). Similarly the task of simultaneous presentation in WWW and other media (radio,...) is covered by JanigaLABS own efforts.

The offered services do cover consulting and task definition phases as well.

New products

Teleskop - terminal emulator for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Features wide variety of functions, emulates virtually any type of terminal and is able to use all fonts and graphics.

General tool for financial flow estimates in medical environments. Allows to create estimates continous in time despite ever changing rools of health care financing.

Mixed database and WWW presentation system for data maintenance in medical environments. Aimed to cover administrative data as well as heavily structured and not homgenous medical data ranging from lab results thru operation protocols upto CT images.

Secure e-mail solutions for small and medium sized companies.

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