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Company profile

Janiga LABS is an independent research and engineering group working in mathematical research and software development. The group stabilized since 1990 and gained good results in different branches. The actual fields of interest cover the following:

  • Complexity theoretic based speed-up and overall performance improvement tasks.
  • Real-time control systems in medical laboratories and in industry.
  • Ergonomic computer based studies.
  • Automated image processing, recognition and identification systems.
  • Language processing.
  • Large scale projects management (health insurance, banking, production control).
  • Programming technology.
  • Applied cryptoanalysis.
  • Overall interfacing of various software.
  • Internet and Intraner solutions with special aim to security problems.

The group owns a variety of proprietary development tools (real-time operating system, environment independent presentation layers for DOS/Unix/Windows and the like) and owns copyrights for several software packages called ArcShell family. These packages cover communication software as well as text processing and files management in virtually any operating environment. For most of applications the group is able to cover all customer needs using its own proprietary software including data-base engine.

Actually most of the time is spend on customer specified projects and the group is abandoning all marketing and hardware based activities. It concentrates itself to programming and research only. Thus the set of potential clients is changed from final users to re-sellers and even other software companies. No detailed marketing is foreseen with the only exception of medical projects where the group fully supports specialized systems for complete control of microbiology laboratories. Similarly the group supports projects related to diseases prevention and the like - namely for large hospitals and state driven institutions.

The group is rather stabilized containing mostly mathematicians and it is reaching good enough economical results to support ever rising research and development activities. The overall goal is to maintain the company rather small in size and competitive in fields requesting high levels of qualification and experience.

Since 1996 the company started activities related to Internet and Internet-like technology usage in any environment.

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