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Validity: Aug 31, 2006
Generated: Jan 12, 2006

After-sale services price-list
Software development price-list
Proprietary products price-list
Web design and web hosting

1.Prices are indicated in CEK.
2.Relative prices are indicated w.r.t. the original product prices.
3.Year inflation adjustment is understood.
4.Long-term projects deductions can be negotiated.
5.Upgrades of support and maintenance levels can be arranged within 7 days.
6.Emergency, i.e. immediate upgrades are offered as well. In such a case 130% of the list price of the new level is charged for the current and every previous month back to the last level change and ordinary list price then.

After-sale services price-list

Category /year /month
A. After sale service of hardware    
A1.Periodic care in cycle of 4 weeks 5%  
A2.Repair cycle 2 days 18%  
A3.Repair cycle 1 day 24%  
A4.Repair cycle 4 hours 36%  
B. After sale support of software    
B1.Ordinary support, minor changes, interfaces tuning 18%  
B2.Intensive technical support including changes outside the original project scope. Hot-line. 33%  
B3.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Basic class. Repair cycle 48 hours Mon-Fri. Version actualization every year. 18%  
B4.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Economy class. Repair cycle 48 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every six months. 24%  
B5.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Silver class. Repair cycle 24 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every three months. 33%  
B6.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Gold class. Repair cycle 4 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization every three months. Hot-line available. 36%  
B7.Laboratory or other medical VaxNt based system technical support. Diamond class. Repair cycle 4 hours Mon-Sun. Version actualization whenever available. Hot-line available. 39%  
C. Administration    
C1.LAN Novell - obsoleted    
C2.LAN WNT - obsoleted    
C3.LAN Unix/Novell/WNT in cycle of 1 week 18,000  
C4.LAN Unix/Novell/WNT 24h/24h support, dhcp, dns, firewall, e-mail, www, ... 62,000  
D. Special ready-to use spare server    
D1.Hot spare server available 30% 7,500
D2.Automated active back-up in LAN/WAN (includes software and a dedicated server, upto 20GB synchronized data volume understood)   4,000
E. Communication Unix-based server    
E1.Server + special server / services includes server, 24h / 24h operability, bridge to Novell LAN, bridge to Unix LAN, programmed backup and remote services through modem.   98,000
E2.Intranet server (E1 + web site) full functionality   148,000

Software development price-list

SA.Installation /kit /hour
DOS+Windows - obsoleted    
Windows95,98+tuning, internet access tuning 2,250  
Windows NT full server setup+tuning 48,000  
Unix on PC platform (Linux,SCO,UnixWare,ATT,...) tuning,configuration and test 98,000  
Web site configuration thru specifications 198,000  
IRIX server installation and tuning 398,000  
Novell server,configuration and test 148,000  
Interbase installation, tuning and test 12,000  
ORACLE installation, tuning and test 244,000  
SB.Technical assistance /task /hour
Debugging and installation on site 88,000 4,350
General technical assistance, rev.enegineering 88,000 8,350
SC.Administration /task /hour
Unix configuring, accounts, tuning, ip addressing schema, dns, dhcp, e-mail, ... 98,000 3,800
SD.Programming through user specifications /task /hour
Under DOS+Windows 93,200 2,750
Unix,VMS,RSX-11M,RT-11 338,000 9,800
SE.Consulting /task /hour
JLABS proprietary products 83,200 8,350
Algebra 155,000 8,800
Analysis in general 135,000 5,500
Applied cryptoanalysis 355,000 9,800
Communication protocols 235,000 7,700
Complexity-theory applications 355,000 9,800
Databases performance tuning 95,000 9,550
Financial and banking software 240,000 9,200
Mathematical methods, analytical solutions of equations 255,000 9,100
Internet and Intranet based technologies 93,000 2,550
Internet sites design 33,000 4,550
Programming technology 340,000 9,700
Real-time control 550,000 7,750
SF.Debugging of third party supplied software /task /hour
Using sources in C,Pascal,C++,Fortran,Asm, Perl,Java,embedded SQL 150,000 8,800
With incomplete sources 190,000 8,800
Tuning of system parameters 52,000 3,350
SG.Training /task /studenthour
Unix, special software 5,000 1,300
Internet technology 5,000 1,300
JLabs proprietary software inside JLabs HQ 1,350 1,450
JLabs proprietary software outside JLabs HQ 8,350 + travel 1,850
SI.Internet - see actual REGIONET price list    

Proprietary products price-list

Many of the proprietary products were obsoleted due to massive switch to Linux. The support, however, is guarnteed at least 10 years after the corresponding date of purchase.
Most of Novell and WNT related items are no more offered.
In case of outsourcing our products are distributed with unlimited access licence provided their server part is installed on only one server simultaneously.
Migration from one server to another is freely allowed.


Proprietary product /license
01.ArcShell / DOS 350
02.ArcShell / Unix 15,000
03.Terminal emulator kit Teleskop 450
04.ArcShell DOS/Unix simultaneous explorer 5,800
05.Use Unix remote serial line commander 4,800
06.ArcShell DOS developper's libraries/utilities - obsoleted  
07.VD developper's kit for DOS including sources 2,800
08.VD developper's kit for Unix including sources 170,000
09.Quark text editor for Unix 1,500
10.Fax manager through WWW (Unix,W95) 9,500
11.Feezle system integration Unix utility 9,500
12.Special topological utilities DOS+Windows 4,500
13.Press, Large scale prescription studies software tools 1,447,000
14.Micro-biology lab complete solution in Unix LAN 1,620,000
15.Advanced bacteriology statistical tools 1,880,000
16.Neural-surgery dept complete solution in Unix LAN 870,000
17.Industrial dispatch-center solution kit 420,000
18.General purpose publication system for dedicated web sites 190,000
19.Pension Fund complete solution for Unix 3,500,000
20.ASL database engine kernel and sources for Unix 320,000
21.Doorway serialization kit for Unix (sources) 95,000
22.Database and archive compression system ARCH for Unix 220,000
23.Screening SKH complete solution for DOS+Windows 85,000
24.Liquorology lab solution kit 65,000
25.WWW general hospital information exchange kit 480,000
26.VaxNt web layer including sources 272,000
27.Clearing center testing kit (DOS+Windows) 12,500
28.VaxNt automated backup option, standard 1h recovery horizon 143,200
29.VaxNt compress/decompress, encrypt/decrypt and special purpose UDF library 87,800
30.Flexible hypertext database system (1 license) 17,800
31.Flexible hypertext database kernel (1 license) 97,220
32.Flexible hypertext database link to sql 37,000
33.Intranet presentation layer for hospitals 397,220
39.JDBGet heterogenous data sources explorer 67,550
40.VaxNt general application server and interpreter license 920,000
41.VaxNt client access license per PC 9,100
42.General interactive scheduling utility (1 license) 29,000
43.VaxNt generic application including hardware and 15 client access licenses 997,000
44.Medium scale documment manipulation and archivation system, aimed to any kind of docs including digital images produced in volumes upto 100MB/day. Hardware included. 820,000
45.Distributed large scale system for digital images storage for upto 4GB/day raw data inflow, complete solution including HW. Standard capacity for 3 years. 14,247,000
46.General ambulance software solution 420,000
47.Automated hypothesis formation kit for microbiology, includes nosocomial infections detection, supervision and long-term time sequences analysis kit 1,850,000
48.PopCorn - incomming mail detector and alerter (ability to supervise many e-mail accounts simultaneously) 450
49.NaDir - general purpose alerter for industrial applications, per PC 550
50.E-mail robot Golem, automated updates of system config and applications thru crypted e-mail interface 28,000
51.JDatobot - heterogenous data sources remote server and client-less abstract data layer implementation 597,550
52.VaxNt development option 537,000
53.Notes - general purpose scheduler, per PC 7,100
54.VaxNt speed-up option 187,300
55.Datosvod, advanced statistical and data-store system including start-up hardware with 0.5TB capacity 5,200,000
56.CRM distributed tool, 256 access licenses including complete hosting and server 920,000
57.Pressant - prescription and audit studies statistical kit. 1,520,000
58.Stetoskop - intensive care units kit4,550,000
59.Stetoskop - remote access575,000
60.Clite - personal consulting system for atb therapy38,000
61.Clite - knowlege base for atb therapy38,000
62.Clite - structural definitions38,000
63.Clite - pharmacy interface38,000
64.Clite - interface to full-scale VaxNt laboratory solution38,000
65.ATBS - Internet tools for antibiotics consumption analysis2,150,000
66.Advanced consulting system for atb therapy version 2007850,000
67.Surveillance of nosokomial infections version 2007850,000
68.Management of resistancy version 2007450,000
69.Remote DICOM picture viewer38,000
70.Prescription tools, complete solution1,338,000
71.Expert system ePrescription as a web service655,000

Currently available generic VaxNt configurations and prototypes are the following:

Automated doc archiving system
Cash flow management
Data operator dispatch kit
General data collection kit
General configuration maintenance kit
Hypothesis formation kit
Industrial dispatch center
Insurance company start-up kit
Large volume of payements manipulation
Maintenance and repair planing
Nuclear medicine, PET
Neural surgery
Non-invasive surgery
Rehabilitation and revmatology
Intensive care units
Computer aided education
Advanced consultation tools
Multi-level marketing start-up kit
Printer queuing system
Quasi real-time supervision
Resource planing
Software development kit
E-mail and accounts handling
Syslog collector in LAN/WAN environments
Password handling utility for E-mail access, various options

Note: Every VaxNt generic application comes with configurable automated backup and recovery system, www interface, remote database access server and configurable access granting server. Flexible conditions for complete outsourcing are available.

Web design and web hosting

Web design price
01.HTML + simple graphical tasks 930/hour
02.Complex graphical tasks (page layout, creative design, animation, various effects) 1,350/hour
03.Scripting (PHP, Perl, Python) 1,230/hour
04.Programming (C, C++, Java) 1,400/hour
05.Scanning: (incl. basic retouche, 72 DPI, max. A5 format) 400/pcs
Web hosting price
01. 2GB disc space, PHP scripting, MySQL 900/month

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